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Protect minors

Use of the Website hdtube.nl and services offered are only open to any person who has reached the minimum age of 18 years. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, object to the content of this website and / or the user of the website or services offered is in a geographical area where access to the website or use of services offered is prohibited Then cancel your visit to this website immediately.
General conditions apply to the visit and use of hdtube.nl and other services offered by us.
Study these terms and conditions carefully before you visit the Website and / or use our services. If there are one or more points in our terms and conditions that you cannot agree with, or if you experience difficulties reading these terms and conditions, immediately cancel your visit to this website.
This or future visit to this website and / or the use of our services implies that you accept these terms and conditions fully and without reservation.
These terms and conditions are also available in the English language. Where the translated general terms and conditions deviate from the Dutch ones, the Dutch general terms and conditions prevail.
Parents – Protect your children against explicit images with these services:

https://www.cyberpatrol.com/ | https://www.netnanny.com/ | https://www.contentwatch.com/